Unreal Engine 4

This video shows yet again what modern graphics cards are capable of doing and how the guys at unreal have outdone themselves once again. I look up to these guys as the gurus of graphics programming and i wish to catch these up by mid next year. Of course that’ll be difficult; there’s a whole team of them and there’s just one of me. Plus its their job, i got school and a million other things. But here’s my advantage; they already did all the research. I have a bunch of whitepapers on my harddrive from them and other programmers who presented at siggraph and other conferences. So i’ll be living in their shadow for some time until i can create some new feature of my own.

They also use alot of thirdparty libraries. A common one is Scaleform, another is the Enlighten engine and fmod a well. They can be found at the end of this video:

So i can just use the same external libraries. Most of them are free to use for non-commercial projects or  give trials. I think 30 days is enough to figure out how to use them and make a vid showing off 😀

I gotta start small though, probably some with of those effects from the latter video. I’ll be using XNA since i’m entering imagine cup again, killing 2 birds with one stone. However, XNA is dx9 based so dx11 stuff, like tessellation, wont be happening until later next year when i switch back to c++ :D. Also, most ,if not all, of the libraries are c/c++ based..so it wont expect to get them all in. So, based on the video, on my list of features to implement are:

  1. Reaching multiple devices (Hopefully MonoGame matures enough by next year)
  2. Social Integration
  3. Bokeh Depth of Field
  4. Enhanced Bloom (what exactly is enhanced here??)
  5. Cloth simulation (if Bepu supports it by next year)
  6. High Quality Shadows
  7. SubSurface Scattering (I can fake it with diffuse wrapping “poor man’s sss” )
  8. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  9. Deferred Rendering
  10. Color grading and gamma correction
  11. Level Editor
  12. Light Shafts
  13. My own ui (screw scaleform)
  14. Cascaded Shadow Mapping (wonder what makes this different from High Quality Shadows)
  15. Motion Blur (cant promise a specific type)
  16. Realistic Foliage
  17. Exponential Height Fog
  18. Navigational Mesh
  19. FXAA and/or MLAA
  20. Mesh reduction for LOD (decimation)
  21. Scripting language (Lua or Javascript)

Look out unreal developers, you got competition!!


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