Dev Diary #1

I’m changing the rendering engine. I was using the deferred rendering technique, the new one will be using the light pre pass one. This will lead to me having more varied materials. I used the code from this blog to guide me along with the numerous online articles out there. Here’s what i got so far:

currently 2 directional lights lighting that sphere.

I’m doing this as a separate project so i can still work on the prototype. When its done i’ll swap the current renderer with this one.


I create a character to play around with. I cal him bob (still not good at coming u with names)

Bob here was modeled in Blender3D, the tool i’ll be using to make all my 3d models.

I created a few animations for him as well.

They’re not professionally done, its was just something i rushed.

download bob


Getting skeletal animations working in XNA is a bit tricky. First you have to export the models with the right settings:

I couldnt use the code from the SkinnedModel demo from the msdn site since it only supports one action(not really their fault tho). I found an animation library called sgMotion that deals this issue. It was made for SunBurn so i had to modify the code and add the patch to make it load multiple animations. I lost the actual project with the source but i still have the DLL files. Download them here.

I’ll put up a tutorial later about how to use it.

The player can walk, run and stand. I created an AI and party system as well.

Creating a party is as simple as:

party = new ActorParty();



The AI currently only follows the main player. But i’ll having varying AI over time. I made it in a way that changing how a character behaves is done by creating a subclass of the AIController class and assigning it to the player with the setAIController function:

FollowBotAI botAi = new FollowBotAI();

instead of my last approach of coding the ai in the charcater’s update(float dt) function.

That’s it for now, more updates coming next week.


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