HCI Design Challenge

In my Human-Computer Interaction class i was given an assignment to create a device that has all the following features:

  1. AM-FM radio
  2. Portable TV
  3. DVD player
  4. USB port to allow movies or music to played from a USBdrive or view pictures which are on a digital camera
  5. Telephone with loud speaker capabilities
  6. Clock with Alarm
  7. Desk or bed lamp
  8. An electric outlet that other electronic device can be plugged into
  9. Include necessary controls (interface) to allow Internet usage

We were told we could go simple, but i made a 3d model, simple enough 😀

The following are renders of the device( note that i didnt finish in time)

It supposedly runs on android, so the tv, radio, alarm and telephone capabilites were all on the OS (saved me alot of modeling lol).

It has wifi and bluetooth support, a dvd/bluray drive, detachable lights and a power outlet( as unrealistic as it sounds) as a external device.

I would have loved to detail it more but time was going. Knowing myself, i can safely say i wont continue working on this because the due date has passed and i already submitted what i had. I’ll put up more renders in the future.

Enjoy 😀


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