Android 3D Live Wallpaper

This  was something i wanted to do ever since i found out about it. After tireless searching i couldnt find out how to make them with any class from the android sdk. Turns out the sdk didnt come with any functionality for 3d live wallpapers. So how did i do it? Fortunately some genius out there did it and was kind enough to post the code he wrote to do it online. here’s the link:

All i had to do was import the code i used from a previous project in the wallpaper one, add some code to fit it in, and it worked perfectly:

live wallpaper

here’s a link to a tutorial that will help:


Here’s my old 3d live wallpaper code:

It was done in eclipse. Having a it of trouble getting it to work with android studio at the moment.

Hope it helps

****EDIT – August 9,2013****

link to a post on my first live wallpaper


see ya


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