XNA is dead

I know i’m late to say this, but XNA IS DEAD!! 😥

read about it in the following articles:




So what now?

MonoGame seems like the best thing to move on to. It’s API based on XNA, so i can just move over my code to a MonoGame project and continue development. It uses OpenGL as its 3d backend and uses MojoShader to convert hlsl to glsl so i dont have to worry about my shaders not working. It’s also cross-platform, so i can make games for desktop and android without having to worry about rewriting my code. So far 20 games on the windows 8 market alone have been made with MonoGame, there are others on the iOS and android market. This means people see great potential in the project.

I think using this library is a smart move. Steam is now on linux which is even more reason to do so.

MonoGame official page: http://www.monogame.net/


This leaves me to asking what will happen to the game development category of microsoft’s imagine cup next year.


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