Nothing to show

Whenever i tell someone that i make games the first thing they ask is “show a game you’ve made”. I feel bad, since i dont have any. I know how to make games, but i dont have any to show for it. Why? over the years all i’ve made is small demos, prototypes and half done games that i got bored of working on. Most of which i’ve lost. The few i have completed are the old imagine cup games that i’m not proud to say i made.

The problem is that i keep trying to make big games. The types that require a 50+ person dev team. This leads to me getting bored quickly when i’m not seeing progress or when i look at the insane amount of work i have to do. I usually do this by myself by the way. Recently, its the simple games that are becoming popular. Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise is testimony to this.

After i finish making this years imagine cup game, i’m going to start making simple games and publishing them online. They’ll be in javascript so u can play them in your browser. I may be publishing a few windows games as well. I’ve been working on a c++ game engine and i’m a bit anxious to use it.

Microsoft’s imagine cup ends July 12 So expect my first game somewhere i mid august.

I know i havent been making much dev diary post recently. At this stage in development, its hard to post anything without revealing too much. I’ll start making more in the coming week.

That’s it for now. The up-coming month going to be a difficult one for me, development-wise, so i wont be posting much. I promise to make up for it afterwards.

see ya


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