Dev Diary #3

Motion Tracking

I really want to do motion tracking for cutscenes. But from what i’ve seen online, getting the equipment alone is thousands of dollars and a lot of work to setup. I found a software called NI-Mate. NI-Mate allows me to do motion tracking with just a kinect. This is what i’ve been looking for, since its costs me no money for equipment (my friend has a kinect) and Blender is free and so is NI-Mate.

Here’s the link to the website.

Using motion tracking would make doing cutscenes less time-consuming and really tell the story in a way that we want it to.

Baking Normal Maps

A common technique artists use for producing high quality game assets is to use render baking. They bake ambient occlusion, specular and normal maps. This can all be done in blender. In my last imagine cup game, i baked ambient occlusion and shadow maps for certain scenes. They looked great, too bad they weren’t in the finished product.

Follow this tutorial on how to bake normals in Blender. Its for Blender 2.5 but it works in Blender 2.6x. An external tool commonly used to do the same thing is xNormal.

I tried it out myself. I sculpted some abs on a 120k poly mesh the baked the normals to a texture and applied it to a 130 poly mesh.


This is a technique we’ll definitely be using.


Here are a few development screenshots. They aren’t from levels that will be in the game

climb sky and bloom screen drones



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