Wamp Startup Failure

Wamp has quite a few reasons to now not startup fully. One of the most annoying things in the world is to startup wamp only to see the icon turn yellow and stays there with you not knowing what the problem is. The most common problem is that apache cannot start because some application is using localhost port 80.

stuck on yellow

You can fix this by changing the port apache listens on. Left click on the wamp icon, the click on Apache then httpd.conf. It should open up apache’s config file in notepad.


change port number

Find the line that says Listen 80 and change the 80 to whatever other port number you think wont be in use whenever you startup wamp again. In the image above i changed it to 8080. Restart wamp and it should run as normal. What i hate approach is that you’re gonna have to type the port number after localhost since browsers send and receive on 80 by default:


I like to fight back. I try to find insignificant program using port 80 and kill it. In most cases (from what i hear) skype is the problem. I wonder what business it has with port 80. So if you have skype up and running, i suggest you close it. After starting up wamp you can open it again and it runs just fine.

But, in other cases it may be some other program. Rather than going on a program-killing rampage until the port if freed, i suggest you use a little helper that comes with wamp. Click on the wamp icon, to go Apache then Service then Test Port 80.

test 80 service

A console window should pop up showing the perpetrator.

test port 80

In this case its the Sql Server Reporting Service. I had to google “Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0” to figure it out because the description was a bit vague. I just open up Services and kill it there.

server reporting services

Afterwards i just restarted wamp and it worked again.

I hope this tutorial helped


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