Abyss 3D Live Wallpaper

This is my first 3d live wallpaper and my first app on google play. It is very simple. It’s just a live wallpaper of an endless tunnel. It took about two to three hours to make. I had some classes from an old game i had attempted laying around, so that saved me a lot of time.


I would have released something on the market earlier, but google had an issue with my credit card so my google wallet account was disabled and it was kind of a big turn off. Without the credit card being attached to the wallet account i couldnt have created the google play developer account. Sometime in the summer i found some time, got off my lazy ass and dealt with the issue.

Live wallpapers are fairly easy to make ( a lot more easier than most apps), and they usually cost about 99 cents to 2 dollars. Seems like easy money, so why not give it a try? But ofcourse, your wallpapers have to be really good and has to be something that people want. Looking at other wallpapers on the market will get you familiar with your competition (yes, competition. A person can only use one live wallpaper at a time).

I made this one simple and free because i wanted to at least have some experience releasing an app on google play. There are many complaints about bugs in live wallpapers and power consumption issues that i wasn’t aware of until i started to look at more live wallpapers on the market and looking at their reviews. I bet there are a lot more things to be concerned about too. Releasing a free wallpaper would get me familiar with these issues and help me find ways of fixing them so i wont have an angry mob of paying customers voting down my app and giving bad reviews. So this one is just for getting my foot in the water. There’ll be more beautiful 3d live wallpapers to come.

Want to know how to make 3d live wallpapers? Check out this post i made earlier.


There’s an example of my first attempt you can download there as well.

here’s the link to the wallpaper:


enjoy 😀


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