Deleting Items from Javascript Arrays

A common question people ask me is how to delete items from an array in javascript. Reason being, javascript arrays dont have a function named delete. The function you’re looking for is called splice.

splice takes up to 2 arguments: the index at which you want to delete the item, and amount of items starting from that index that you want to delete.

var array = ["January","February","March","April"];


the output of the previous block of code would be:


with that, I added 2 simple functions to the Array prototype to make deleting objects a lot easier

Array.prototype.removeAt = function(index)

Array.prototype.removeItem = function(item)
 var index = this.indexOf(item);

and use them like this:


//the array should now be ["January","February"]


//the array should now be ["January"]

hope this helps!


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