Upcoming Games

I know I havent blogged in a while. It’s because I’ve been super busy working on a few games I plan on releasing this year. I didnt bother entering imagine cup again because I wanted to focus on making smaller games that i can actually complete and publish. Even though i didnt make the August deadline i set before(https://nickthecoder.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/nothing-to-show/), i’m still pushing to have a few of these games finished by at least December. Here are some of them:

Jungle Escape

This game was inspired by temple run and subway surfers. It’ a three-laned running game in which you are trying to escape a seemingly endless jungle. The aim is to get as far as possible without dying. It’s the closest to being released and, in my perspective, the most promising. Here are some WIP screenshots:

wp_ss_20131029_0001 wp_ss_20131029_0002 wp_ss_20131029_0003

Its going to be out for the windows phone first. The andriod version will come at a later date.

indiedb link: http://www.indiedb.com/games/jungle-escape

The Kingdom

This game is about a king who wakes up in a prison with no memory of how he got there. This prison is located underground so he has to make his way through each floor in order to escape. On his way, he has to fight monsters and solve puzzles as he tries to regain his memory. The game is in its early stages and its name is subjected to change but here’s a screenshot anyway:


Dont Die!

This game is a really simple one. The objective is explained by its name, “dont die.” It’s an html5 game and its already online. It’s still not completed though; I put it on hold so i could finish the previously mentioned games.



Space Shooter

This is also another html5 game. I didnt name it so i’ll just call it Space Shooter here. I got really bored while making it, so i put it down. As soon as i get the time again i’m going to continue working on it and put it online so you all can play it.


I’ll post more screenshots as soon as possible.

What do you think about these games? (even though there is little to see)

and what games would you like to see me make?


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