Graphics Programming

Back in high school I had no special classes where I could go to learn graphics programming or any mentor or tutor to teach me, but still I was tackling techniques like skeletal animation and stencil shadows all on my own. I had to spend hours searching for tutorials, analysing source code from demos and experimenting in order to achieve the results I wanted. I remember being nearly frustrated to the point that I just wanted to bang my head against the wall because of bugs that I encountered that were seemingly impossible to fix. Sometimes at school and church I’d find myself writing, compiling and bug-fixing code in my mind, dying to get home so I could try it. A lot of my notebooks had code instead of class notes.

It’s been almost 7 years since I started. I gotta admit I thought I’d have progressed a lot further but most of that growth was stunted by my many years of Imagine Cup attempts. I still did do some level graphics programming, but most of my focus was shifted to gameplay and other aspects. Honestly, I feel a little left behind so decided to start taking graphics programming more seriously again. I already have a few experiments and, thanks to the awesome power of emscripten, I can have you guys view them in your browser. This means I have to keep things WebGL friendly for now. My aim is to show you guys graphics programming techniques and where to learn them.

I’m kicking things off right here with cube mapping. The demo displays reflection, refraction and refraction with chromatic aberration:

refl  refrrefract_aber

link to the demo here

articles, tutorials and references:




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