Awesome Week

Skeletal Animation

basemesh skip

As seen in my previous post, I finally got skeletal animation to work. The next step from there is adding skeletal animation to my mesh file format for easy use.


So it’s finally officially available for public use. Kinda. Once again the link is here. I’ve only tested it on windows using vc11 and gcc 4.8.2. I’m not so much interested in having it used by others right now as much as I’m interested in using it for my own purposes. But if others want to help me make my language more awesome then i’m good with that :D.

I’ll upload the documentation, examples and text cases soon.

Realtime GI (not really)

My Enlighten knock-off is going well. Progressing slowly, but going well. I added occlusion testing in the lighting process so now there are shadows.


I’m also precalculating each texel’s associated point in space and the other points that are directly visible to them. This is a very slow process so the obvious thing to do here is to store the precalculated data into a file and load it later when performing more tests. The next step is to calculate light bounces and optimize the lighting process. Then this library will be in a usable state.

I’m focusing on releasing my next mobile game right now so I’ll be updating these projects a lot more slowly until then.

Have a great week.


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