Hello. My name is Nicolas Brown. I am a young Jamaican with a passion for game design and computer graphics. My dream is to one day starting a game design company. My favourtite programming/scripting languages are c,c++ and javascript. I use python, php, c# and java. I know glsl and hlsl as well.

I am familiar with both OpenGL and DirectX(9). I prefer OpenGL though. I have developed quite a few games and gaming libraries across several languages and platforms. Those include a 3d game engine in python using PyOpenGL, javascript using WebGL, java using OpenGLES, c++ using OpenGL and DirectX and c# using XNA. I also did a 2d one using PyGame. I have made a few half finished games, most have been lost. The few i still have i plan to finish and release when i find the time.

My email address is nclsbrwn@gmail.com (spam and face the consequences!) if you have any inquiries.

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